I'd like to say I am just a simple girl, but I'm really quite complicated. I've always had the feeling my feet were always a few steps behind where my soul was trying to take me and I could never figure out how to catch up. And then this really cool moment happened. . . I WOKE UP. I stopped letting the fear of failure hold me back from the life I wanted to live and I started living my dreams instead of chasing them.

So what makes me so important that I needed to create a blog? 

Honestly, I am just as important as you are. I'm here to share my story with all of you in hopes that my story helps you to grow yours. If my experiences and life lessons can inspire you to keep going, to fuel your passion, or to simply make you FEEL GOOD, then I consider my day a successful one. 

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention I recently filmed on a Reality TV show? Oops! So that's also why I'm here. To share my awakening as it unfolds in real time, on REALity television. I want to share my journey with you all and I am hoping it will inspire you to JOIN ME. 

Most importantly, I want you to see the magic that happens when you start living in the moment. . . 


I'm Ready, Are you?